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Willow Tree - The Holy Family

Willow Tree - The Holy Family

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The Christmas Story nativity set by Willow Tree ® begins with the figurine of baby Jesus held in Mary's arms with Joseph close by; richly layered colors on each figure, in grace and beauty; 14.5" tall. Her name is Mary. His name is Joseph. The baby, Jesus.

Artist Susan Lordi's Willow Tree. figures are sculpted and carved by hand, then cast in resin. Additional Willow Tree Christmas Story components may be purchased to add to the beauty and expression of this timeless scene.

Comments from the artist The Christmas story is a story from the past...but the overwhelming emotions of holding a new baby, starting a new family, and wanting to protect them forevermore are present today in every culture and every age. My hope is that the gestures of Mary and Joseph will represent these powerful feelings of love and protection.
Susan Lordi

Figurine details: Note that the figures relate to each other but they do not need to touch. Mary is turned toward Joseph, sheltered by his right arm. Joseph's staff and cloak form a protective shield around his new family.

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