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Standing Sprays & Wreaths

A standing funeral spray can often say what words can not. They offer comfort and sentiment with their precious petals. Send this traditional sympathy gift as your last respects to a departed friend or loved one's family. We can help you choose the right standing spray for your final memorial.

Casket Sprays

Caskets, whether they are used open or closed can be adorned with a casket spray of flowers as a tribute to the deceased. Let us help you choose the right flowers for your loved one's funeral. 

Sympathy Arrangements

Show your sympathy in Carman with the traditional gift of flowers. We specialize in all types of funeral flowers and can create something perfect to match your specific needs. Sympathy arrangements are the ideal choice for expressing your feelings to the family of a lost loved one. So shop our selection of sympathy flowers online or give us a call at (204) 745-2504 if you need more assistance.


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