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Hoya Wax Plant Publicalyx

Hoya Wax Plant Publicalyx

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Often called a Wax Plant, the Hoya plants are easy to care for. The Hoya Pubicalyx is a hardy twining vine that can trail or climb, but it’s a little unruly: you may spend time unwinding the plant from its neighbors. This variety consists of dark green or slightly variegated, large, ovoid shaped leaves which grows on long vines that will eventually put out creamy white flower clusters.

Prefers bright, indirect sunlight.

Water when two inches are dry. Watering may also vary depending on the season.

  •   This listing is for a plant in a 4" or 6" grower's pot. Grey pot cover & hanging planters are not included.
  • As this is a live plant, the plant delivered may not be exactly as shown.
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